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Dino?s Adventures is a software product designed and intended for the youngest pre-school and early school age children. The users of this software package will be involved into the world of learning communicating with Dino, the main character of this package. Dino is communicating with every child on a personal level, and playing and learning together, the children are gaining the basic knowledge about nature, environment, society, animals, numbers, and letters. The main message of this software package is: ?You and your child are learning together?
The software package ?Dino?s Adventures?is conceptually divided into several parts. In the main part the child is introduced to the animal and marine world, elementary rules and participants in the traffic, elements of the household and family, the changes of seasons and the questions of time divisions. Next part is the creative one, where the child could fill out the colouring pages or to listen to and to play some music. The choice of colours and of musical instruments is in accord with the current pedagogical thoughts. And last, but not least important part, is the educational one, where the child together with Dino is learning numbers and letters. This part also includes six illustrated fables by famous writers.
In parallel with the parts mentioned, several educational games were developed for the needs of ?Dino?s Adventures? Those games are playable and appealing to the child?s computer and intellectual skills. The software?s embedded tracking system ensures that the parent is able to track the child?s progress and in case of mistakes, to direct the child in the right direction.

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