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Zona is Macedonian leading provider of interactive multimedia educational software and solutions. Our products consist of developed, tested and approved contents for the youngest population, and products for learning foreign languages intended for the general population. On the other hand, in cooperation with our scientific and educational consultants we are paying a special attention to the individual needs for learning and education, developing and delivering tools for personalised educational activities, both online and offline.
In Zona, we are able to harness the power of the latest multimedia software and knowledge, and we use the power these new tools provide to make it work for the new trends in the educational sciences. In the constant improvement of the way of conveying information through movement and image, we stimulate the imagination and achieve memorable interaction with our products.
We work across a range of new multimedia concepts and ideas, including and combining CD-ROM, slide, multi-image, film and video, animation, interactive media and virtual reality environments. These new multimedia concepts are effective in ways that go beyond the conventional previous forms education and learning. They can combine the most powerful elements of multimedia, and add interactivity, accessibility, and a new and scientific approach, thus widening the basic concepts of e-learning and e-ducation. hublot replica - hublot replica