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Understanding the essential need for information and communication for the visitors coming to our city, we developed a city guide Zone one, useful helper for all newcomers to the city. The purpose of the city guide is to make the communication easier for the visitors and foreign citizens in our capital Skopje, by directing them to the right places which will make their stay in the country easier. Zone one includes all the necessary and useful information about where you can eat, dress, go out, or satisfy your other needs. All the cultural heritage memorials, sights and events of the City of Skopje are included, and many more useful information of all fields of interest for the foreigner visitors as well as for the residents of the country. Zone one is printed once every three months in the year, in circulation of 10.000 copies, and delivered to all the Embassies, cofee shops, reastaurants, hotels, travel agencies, Airports and in the premises of our clients. Our city guide constantly updates the information offered to the customers and clients.