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Language Square is a computer-based learning tool that enables parents to accompany their children throughout the process of learning English or German vocabulary. Language Square teaches English and German vocabulary through pictures in the target language and through mini-lessons that reinforce vocabulary and pronunciation of words used in specific environments. Children pronounce easily by listening to the pronunciation of the native speakers who guide them throughout the entire contents. By using Language Square the children learn vocabulary on their own, by taking their own pace and at a very low cost. Language Square helps the children to exercise and master pronunciation of a native speaker. The wonderful drawings encourage children to associate the words with objects providing them with an effective learning and knowledge. Words and pictures are backed up by an alphabetical word list, and with a Quiz that serves them to check their progress. Language Square has been designed in a simple and interesting way that even young children from 3 or 4 years of age can use it. Children can switch between German and English and learn exactly what they need, and as they want it. Language Square is so easy to use and it is real fun to have!
We have created Language Square in the form of an interactive learning tool that offers opportunities for collaborative play, learning, and creation between parents and their children. In practice, the parents?role in the development of a child is valuable for many reasons including the positive influence on the psychological well being of children who need to grow and develop accompanied by their parents. Language Square enables any parent to spend real quality time with her/his child through playing and learning together. In the development of the Language Square software, we in Zona were trying to accomplish several goals. As the result, Language Square has a variety of features that make it unique and truly advantageous, namely:
?Provides children with the opportunity to learn English or German vocabulary,
?Facilitates child's choice to schedule the pace and progress of learning on her/his   own,
?Encourages active learning and visualizes what is learned through beautiful   drawings,
?Provides native speakers' feedback on vocabulary and pronunciation learned,
?Allows children to check their progress on their own,
?Does not need teacher?s control over the learning contents and vocabulary,
?Fosters the interaction and collaboration between children and parents,
?Serves as a supplement to the school curriculum,
?Serves as a self-tuition material for preparation before entering school curricula, ?Is cost-effective
?appeals to different learning styles among children. The children can use   Language Square as a learning tool starting from three or four years and above.

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