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To locate and reach markets, to stimulate passive consumers, to promote specialised or universal products, to interact with an audience, to initiate a dialogue with your market, to receive feedback and provide a sense of control, to intelligently and effectively communicate - these things can be achieved using the tools of new media.
We pride ourselves on producing innovative and stimulating communication solutions with new media, designed to achieve stunning results. Zona has the experience, insight and creativity to design a look that adds power to a message and is consistent across different forms of media. We believe in providing expert service and project management while delivering successful results, on time, and on budget, thus, setting you apart from your competition.
In Zona, we create a distinctive campaign target-marketed to your specific audience giving your business high visibility in both the new and the usual media. We create solutions that meet your individuality, from the simplest solution to the most sophisticated is our goal. We work with the client to identify and interact with the chosen market to help build sales and productivity. Our top priorities are to understand the end user and to communicate with the client. Once the true nature of a project is understood, then the right design path is clear. Then, our mission begins: To provide our clients with optimum value, professional service and up-to-date information, giving them the competitive edge in their markets. We create solutions that serve the message, elegantly and simply. In Zona, we believe interfaces should be like windows - so clean they cannot obstruct the view.


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